When designing the apartments, the interior architects at SKULL studio have spared no expense, using premium materials and paying careful attention to every last detail.


Wooden floors

The premium hardwood flooring evokes a sense of luxury. The large-format wood blocks are environmentally produced from sustainably cultivated forests and significantly reduce wood waste.


The ceramic switches and brass details complete the boutique vibe of the project and are perfect even for the most demanding users.

Original elements

We’ve preserved and carefully restored historical features of the building.


Water tap

The high-end brass taps perfectly match other accessories of the boutique apartments.


The elegant green or cream tiles evoke a sense of tranquility and style.

Shared spaces


The common areas feature modern lighting fixtures designed to reflect Prague’s Art Nouveau heritage.


High-quality ceramic floor tiling with ornamental pattern.

Stylish design

When you enter the building, the eye immediately drifts to the elegant design and features such as historical maps on the walls, wood cladding or details on the ceiling.


Gable roof

The new gable roof with ceramic tiles matches the surrounding picturesque roofscape.

Slatted windows

The replicas of the original wooden triple-glazed windows with perfect sound and thermal insulation are the perfect combination of history and modern technology.


Carefully restored fireproof wooden doors with safety hardware.

Custom features

Smart home control

In the apartments of the Svatý Štěpán project you will find top-quality comfort. Once the project is completed, you will be able to control your smart home conveniently via your smartphone. Adjust lighting, ventilation or temperature from the comfort of your bed or from anywhere in the world. Your home will be fully in control of your preferences wherever you are.

Client changes

Yes, customizations and client changes are possible. Feel free to contact us for an individual consultation.

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