Svatý Štěpán epitomizes the pinnacle of modern living. Beyond its opulent interiors, the building boasts unparalleled convenience but also presents a unique proposition for those seeking a lucrative and sustainable investment.


Revel in timeless beauty with a touch of modern flair

This beautifully restored historical building has undergone meticulous reconstruction, offering the highest standards of contemporary urban living. Nestled in the historic center of Prague, each apartment meets the highest standards of those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Own the epitome of comfort and luxury

The apartments have been thoughtfully designed with comfort and style in mind. Each apartment is fully fit out by top interior architects from SKULL studio and features state of the art smart home technology.

Elevate your lifestyle with convenience

Svatý Štěpán is within 15 minutes on foot from anything your clients might need. The New Town neighborhood is comfortably walkable and offers a vibrant cultural life, diverse restaurant scene and countless business opportunities.

Life is easier when

everything is just a few steps away...

Start of sales


Start of construction

Mar. 2023

Rough construction

Mar. 2024


Oct. 2024

Moving in


Project investor (PSN)

Since 1991, PSN has been a powerhouse in the Czech real estate market, excelling in both renovating historic buildings and developing large-scale projects. Its portfolio includes historical landmarks such as the Dancing House as well as high-rises such as City Empiria, showcasing their exceptional expertise and versatility. In total, PSN has awakened over 650 houses. Their recent endeavors include Vanguard apartment building or Palác Dlážděná. With an unparalleled commitment to excellence, PSN continues to shape the landscape of Czech real estate, creating new opportunities for remarkable living and thriving business.

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